My passion is to find pieces that bring emotion, beauty and life to a space. I believe that people should live simply in their homes where relationships thrive and memories are built. My style is vintage meets modern living where someone sees a piece in a room and it arouses a curiosity. In searching for vintage finds, I look for pieces that achieve this balance of an old meets new design aesthetic. My style has evolved from years spent traveling, living in the Midwest and looking for beauty everyday in my daily life in Connecticut and New York City. I am naturally drawn to objects with a history and that “speak” to me. My clients have pieces that they brought into their homes that tell their stories such as family heirlooms, souvenirs acquired while traveling or simply items they have fallen in love with along their life journey.

I bring these accessories to the forefront of a design plan by seeing which ones evoke emotion in my clients through one-on-one interior styling consultations. I always ask clients, “What in this room do you totally love?” Surrounding yourself with pieces you love is the first step to creating a space that is uniquely yours.

Connie XO